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The Galvin Group

Nelson Associates has been a true asset to our organization since we opened our doors five years ago.  We are grateful to have them as a resource for all of our IT needs, and they are as knowledgeable and reliable as they come.

Arrowhead Electrical Products, Inc.

Nelson Associates has worked on numerous projects for AEP (and for me personally) and has been instrumental in making sure we have the best available products and services so that our internet, computers, printers, etc, run fast and efficient. It’s a great comfort knowing Steve and his team are just a phone call away because his response time is unmatched in the industry.

ON-LINE Computer Products, Inc.

I have known Steve Nelson both personally and professionally for over 16 years.  Steve and his team have demonstrated time and again to be an invaluable source for our company as both a consultant and IT expert. Time and again we have called on his expertise to provide us with last minute, emergency service for our computers and network. Our company is fast paced and we rely heavily on our computer equipment to be working 100% at all times.  Over the years we have called on Steve countless times asking for his assistance during all hours of the day and night.  He has often worked tirelessly in accommodating our requests.  Steve has often provided answers where others have been unable to do so, demonstrating his vast knowledge in the field.  We plan to work with Steve well into the future as long as he is available and willing to work with us.  On a personal note, Steve has also educated me to the point where I have been able to resolve many of our own internal issues using Steve as a mentor. I consider myself privileged to be associated with a person that has such a wealth of knowledge and is so devoted to his work.

St. Catherine of Siena School

I am the Technology Teacher/Coordinator for a Pre-K through Grade 8 School in Norwood, Massachusetts and I have been extremely fortunate to work with Nelson Associates for the past 13 years. The success of technology at our school is due mainly to Steve and his team’s expertise, work, guidance, and support. They have restructured and enhanced our network and infrastructure, installed and maintained all our servers, and serve as a consultants for all technology decisions. As a private, non-profit school we do not have a large budget with which to work. Nelson Associates understands our limitations and has designed technology that works for us and within our means. They go so far as to donate their time, expertise, and sometimes equipment to ensure our success. If any issues arise, they respond almost immediately. They never lets me down.

If you are looking for an ideal combination of expertise, patience, confidence, steadiness, responsiveness, and a complete awareness of environments then Nelson Associates is the company. I am very grateful to and respectful for all they have done for me in my position as Technology Coordinator and for our school.

St. Catherine of Siena Parish

Steve and his team have provided St. Catherine of Siena Parish and School with exceptional technical expertise in the installation and maintenance of our data systems.  His ability to troubleshoot on-line has been invaluable allowing us to focus on our jobs knowing that our data systems will be operational when needed.  Moreover, his inter-personal skills have made it very easy and enjoyable to work with him even when faced with difficult problems and tight time frames.